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“Be Cool… Warm up to Safety”

HVAC Solutions Ltd. is committed to ensuring that Safety is the top priority in all the projects they do. They believe that incidents can be prevented through proper supervision, tools and equipment, training, communication, and the adherence to Best Safe Work Practices and Procedures.

They are committed to the uncompromising safety of their employees in the workplace. Prepared for the toughest work environments, they invest extensively in safety training and awareness.

HVAC has an extensive Health and Safety Program that has been reviewed and certified by:

The following corporate safety documentation is readily available on request for HVAC Solutions Ltd.:

  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Provincial WCB Experience Rating Statements
  • Provincial WCB Clearance Letters
  • Corporate Safety Statistics Summary
  • Corporate Insurance Certificate
  • Corporate HSE Manual
  • Samples of various completed HSE program documents, such as worker training records, FLHA’s and JHA’s, site inspection reports, tool box meeting minutes, investigation reports, safety comunications, etc. are also available.

HVAC Solutions compiles a Site Specific Safety Plan for every project they undertake. Each safety plan takes into account the specific conditions, rules and regulations that will apply throughout the project and presents how their workforce will perform in compliance with these requirements.

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