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Site Specific Safety Plans

It is HVAC Solutions philosophy that in order to achieve superior safety success on our sites, proper pre-job planning is crucial. As a foundation for their project safety efforts, HVAC’s Safety Officer, with the support and input of Senior Management, compiles a site-specific plan for every project we undertake. Each safety plan takes into account the specific conditions, rules and regulations that will apply throughout the project and presents how their workforce will perform in compliance with these requirements.

Every site-specific safety plan is supplemental to their Corporate Safety Manual and QA/QC Programs already in place. All are to be applied in conjunction with the Owner/Client site safety standards.

Topics covered under HVAC’s site specific safety plans include:

  • HVAC’s Corporate Commitment to Safety
  • Compliance with Client Site Standards and Expectations
  • Senior Management Project Involvement
  • Project Safety Objectives – Zero Injuries & Incidents
  • Roles & Responsibilities for Site Personnel
  • Roles & Responsibilities for Site Safety Representatives (As May be Required)
  • Policies, Procedures & Expectations for Sub-Contractors
  • HVAC’s Drug & Alcohol Policies
  • Clarification of Client/Owner A&D Policies
  • Site Orientation Standards
  • Site Specific Orientations for Supervisors
  • Worker Training Requirements
  • Safety Meetings/Toolbox Meetings
  • Site Health & Safety Committee Participation
  • Mandatory Hazard Assessments (FLHA cards & /or JHA’s)
  • Site Approved Lock-out Procedures
  • Formal Site Inspections
  • Mandatory Incident Reporting: Injuries/Incidents/Near misses
  • Use of Proper Documentation
  • Additional Related Safety Documentation on Site
  • Site Safety Records
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