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Cross Connection Control Program

How Safe is Your Drinking Water?

How Safe is Your Drinking Water?

Backflow is a serious occurrence in drinking water systems. When a Cross Connection
exists, there is the potential for contaminants to enter the drinking water. On this page we will
explain what a cross connection is, how backflow occurs and how to do your part to ensure
that our drinking water is kept safe.

What Is Cross Connection?

Cross connection is a direct or indirect connection between the drinking water system
and a private plumbing system. In order to keep the water distribution free from possible
contamination, the main water supply must be isolated from the private system by installing a
Backflow Prevention Device at or near the water meter. The device prevents anything from
entering into the municipal drinking water system. Our Cross Connection Control Program
(CCCP) was developed to protect public health by ensuring municipal drinking water is safe
from contamination.

How Can Contamination Occur?

Normally, water flows in one direction, from the municipal drinking water system through a
property’s plumbing to a sink tap or other plumbing fixture. However, under certain conditions,
water can flow in the opposite direction, this is known as Backflow. Backflow occurs when a
back pressure condition is created in a water line.

Cross Connections can be controlled with proper backflow-prevention equipment and

Backflow & Cross Connection Contamination

HVAC’s Cross Connection Control Program exists to support Fort McMurray’s industrial, commercial, institutional and residential property owners meet various standards and plumbing codes in relation to backflow prevention. Backflow prevention inspections are highly encouraged by the Municipality and a copy of the report will be sent to the municipal office for their records.

Our Cross Connection Control Program: (Download a copy of our brochure here for more information)

  • Conduct inspection of new and existing buildings in Fort McMurray to ensure they have the proper Backflow Prevention Assemblies. If not, certified technicians will install the correct devices. If you do, we will inspect the assemblies to ensure they are working.
  • Maintains a database of facilities, building owners and backflow prevention assemblies installed within the building along with a test history and notes from inspections.
  • Ensures that equipment used by all certified installers and testers are calibrated annually.
  • Notifies customers of past-due annual testing requirements.

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