HVAC Solutions Ltd. is one of the leading mechanical companies in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas, offering a wide range of mechanical services to Industrial, Commercial and Residential markets.

Preventative Maintenance & Service

The Preventative Maintenance and Service Division is the foundation of HVAC Solutions and is an integral part of our operations.

Through the use of the most up-to-date tools, a GPS dispatch system, modern smart communications and staff who continually train and certify their skills, you can depend on HVAC to maximize your building’s systems, and to help you find the right fit when the time comes to replace them.

The HVAC/R and Plumbing technicians in this division are the public face of the company, but behind the scenes is the internal support team keeps the information flowing with dispatch, repair proposals, preventative maintenance proposals, quotes, accounting and billing.

HVAC’s commitment to providing superior service is the focus of all employees of the Service Division. This commitment establishes a baseline accountability and responsibility structure to ensure we exceed our customers needs, with health and safety always a top priority.

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